HTML Lesson 1: Basic HTML Format

The basic building blocks of an HTML file are ‘tags’. Tags define sections of the document and can include structure and styles.

Today I am going to be showing you how to set up your HTML page, I will also be showing you how to create a title for your website and a paragraph for your webpage.

Step 1: Create a ‘Textedit’ (or -Text File- on a windows computer) document

Step 2: Write <!DOCTYPE html>

Step 3: Underneath what you just wrote type <html> and </html>

Step 4: In Between the ‘html’ tags press the ‘enter’ key a few times. Then press ‘tab’ and write the following tags <head> and </head>

Step 5: In Between those tags press the ‘enter’ key a few times. Then write the following tags <title> and </title>

Step 6: Between the ‘title’ tags type the title of your website. This title will appear when someone searches up your website in an internet browser.

The body tag marks the part of the document that will appear in your web browser. In this example we will display a simple piece of text.

Step 7: Add the body tags as follows <body> and </body>.

Step 8: Add the paragraph tags in between the body tags, <p> and </p>. Between those paragraph tags type what you would like to appear on your web page.

<!DOCTYPE html>
Techno Girl
<p>This is how you start a paragraph</p>


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