What Device Do You Access the Internet With?

Personally, I use my MacBook Pro to access internet throughout the day at School and home. I don’t often use a PC because I am required to use a MacBook Pro at School and my MacBook Pro does everything I need it to. I also use my 5th Generation iPod Touch to access the internet, although I mainly use it for music, games, mail, social media and YouTube.

According to Wikipedia the Apple Macintosh computers account for approximately 8% of computers. From my survey, 37.6% of respondents use an Apple Mac as their main internet device. I think this might be because many of my peers also use an Apple MacBook for Schooling purposes. Our School uses MacBook Pro’s almost exclusively.

Internet usage graph

Another interesting result is the number of people using Android Phones compared to iPods/iPhones. In New Zealand more people own Android Phones than Apple Phones. So maybe the people who I know are more likely to use Apple devices due to our age group and preference for Apple products. I thought their might have been more iPad users amongst my respondents.

This is bad news for Microsoft, with less than a third of respondents using a Windows PC to access the internet.


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