Hi Everyone,

Sorry for not posting in a while! I’ve been really busy…

Anyways, recently at my School we have been looking at a program called Tinkercad. With this program you can design anything in your wildest dreams! But, the main thing you can use it for is 3D PRINTING and MINECRAFT! For example, you could design a solid cube on Tinkercad, download the suitable file (STL) and then print it from your 3D printer. Or you could design a house/building/structure, download the suitable file and then print it from your 3D printer.

At School we were asked to create a design on Tinkercad that was simple and that represented you. For this I chose to design a computer. This design is simple and easy to make (as long as you know your way around the program).


Below you will find my final designs before I printed it through my School’s 3D printer.

Screen Shot 2014-06-20 at 3.21.40 pm               Screen Shot 2014-06-20 at 3.21.58 pm



This was the final product.

Screen Shot 2014-07-17 at 2.52.18 pm

If you would like to create your own project like this you can create a free acount here on Tinkercad. You can also follow the official Tinkercad Twitter acount here.


9 thoughts on “Tinkercad

  1. Hi Georgia. This is a really good post!! It really engaged me. It is really good having the 3D printer at school.

    Have fun with your posts.
    From Anna

  2. Hi Anna. Thanks for your comment, it was really nice to read it! I really enjoy having the 3D Printer at School too. I hope we are able to use it more often throughout the year.


  3. Congratulations on having your Tinkercad post shared on the actual Tinkercad website! You are doing such a fantastic job!

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