My Personal Project Journey

Hi Everyone,

Recently I’ve been preparing my presentation for my project to present at my school. Although I wanted to do something different, when I found VideoScribe I knew that it was exactly what I needed.

Here is a video I created using VideoScribe to show the highlights of my personal project journey.



CSS Lesson 2: Background Colour and Containers

Hi Everyone,

As you may have noticed my previous post about CSS was written on an HTML document. Although today we will be using a CSS document!

Today we will be learning how to change the background colour and create containers in a CSS document.  When creating containers we will need to also need to create some code in an HTML document.

Let’s start off with some simple code to change our background colour.

body {

Now  let’s get started on our containers. Containers can be used for organising your web page into different sections, or just for show.

body {

.container {
margin:0 auto;

Now we need to write some code into an HTML document so that the container will actually show up on our web page.


<div class="container"> 


Next time we will work on creating a header in our code.


Anyone who has used HTML and/or CSS knows that decent software goes a long way. Especially if you’re using it 24/7!

I was introduced to TextWrangler yesterday whilst coding in class. TextWrangler can be used not only for writing documents but also is a great tool for writing HTML and CSS. As TextWrangler is available for a free download I think it is a great piece of software to use if you’re are just starting to use HTML and CSS.

Some of the benefits include being able to have multiple documents open at a time. This obviously makes it easier for when you’re needing to switch between documents constantly. TextWrangler also automatically colour codes your tags making it easier to read your code.


TextWrangler can open files off a web server using FTP (File Transfer Protocol), a commonly used method of transferring files across the internet. Making this a great tool for people editing websites. 



Screen Shot 2014-08-19 at 3.06.38 pm

If you would like to download TextWrangler for free click here.




CSS Lesson 1: Basic CSS

Hi Everyone,

Previously we have been working with HTML, which is basically used for creating the content on your website. But, we haven’t yet talked about CSS. CSS stands for Cascading Styles Sheets, in other words you can use CSS to  your website!

If you would like some more information about how CSS works click here. 

Here is an example of how to use CSS through a HTML document to change your background colour.

body { 
       background-color: yellow;