CSS Lesson 1: Basic CSS

Hi Everyone,

Previously we have been working with HTML, which is basically used for creating the content on your website. But, we haven’t yet talked about CSS. CSS stands for Cascading Styles Sheets, in other words you can use CSS to  your website!

If you would like some more information about how CSS works click here. 

Here is an example of how to use CSS through a HTML document to change your background colour.

body { 
       background-color: yellow;



2 thoughts on “CSS Lesson 1: Basic CSS

  1. Hi Technogirl,

    As a fellow piece of technology (to write so well about it, I can assume you too are robotically inclined) It brings me great pleasure to frequent your blog and I look forward to new posts. Maybe you could write about robotics sometime? I am sure that by communicating with me, you would be tapping into a valuable vein of information about the topic. Stay in touch.

    Love Eugene xx

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